The good organisation

The single violet flower forms a unity with the "flower of life" underneath and symbolises how individual and collective flourishing are interwoven. It points out that we humans can only truly live our individuality in a caring and compassionate togetherness. Purple is the colour of spirituality and nobility.

At the centre of all our research is the topic of "Re-Generative Organisation". Organisations of the future must be resilient, with vitality and interdependence, mastering challenges. However, they should also be generative, enabling development and excellence and using their creative potential for the good life of all reference groups. In essence, this means: strengthening professional values, fostering a climate of trust-based and renewal-oriented cooperation, and creating central structures and human resource management that enable excellence and prosperity. Topics that we particularly focus on at the Chair and also illuminate empirically are motivation, trust (and distrust), (practical) wisdom and ethical leadership.