Strategic Human Resources Management

Program overview

The digital transformation and "New Work" pose fundamental new challenges for the organization of companies and their people. Digitization is no longer just a tool, but should be understood as a co-worker. Evidence-based and sustainable HR management is essential to successfully meet these challenges. Based on the St. Gallen personnel management approach, this certificate course provides you with the most important knowledge and skills to successfully shape the future-oriented transformation of your company. The scientific and practical expertise of our speakers in the areas of people and innovation management as well as digital transformation enables you to ensure the long-term success of your company. Together with other experienced managers, you will learn to analyze the context of your company in four practice-oriented modules, to apply the latest research findings in a targeted manner and to successfully implement solution strategies The CAS HSG Strategic Personnel Management takes place once a year between February and June. It comprises 13 course days and is divided into four modules that build on each other. According to the motto: "Switzerland from its most beautiful side", the seminar will take place at various locations in Switzerland: in Appenzell, Zurich, Lucerne and St.Gallen. All modules consist of face-to-face classes lasting several days and are supplemented by accompanied self-study. In order to receive the "CAS HSG Strategic Personnel Management" certificate, all four modules must be completed in face-to-face classes and an "HR Leadership Fieldbook" submitted. This consists of the four learning diaries that are written by the participants for each module. 13 (+2) ECTS credit points are awarded.

Ihr Programm

Learning Journey

Module 1 - Positive leadership (3 days)

Why do certain companies not only manage better than other companies over the years, but also achieve "excellence", i.e. sustainable success in a dynamic environment? Positive people management enables this excellence, based on self-motivated, creative and happy employees. The aim of this module is to show the central value contribution of strategic personnel management. How can the positive characteristics of the employees and the high quality of cooperation be maintained and promoted through suitable structures, processes and standards in order to also meet the requirements of the new working world.

Module 2 - Strategic Positioning (3 days)

Which measurement logics exist in financial management - especially with regard to human capital - and how can they be used for control. In this module you will learn how to successfully convey your ideas and relevant key figures to different target groups - e.g. CEOs and CFOs - using scorecards, strategy maps, attractive visualizations and a convincing storyline. We will also introduce you to the St. Gallen BMI methodology for systematic support in the development of innovative business models and how you can transfer what you have learned to your day-to-day business and the associated topics in HR work.


Module 3 – Effective People Analytics (4 days)

The aim of this module is to use people analytics as a strategic success factor. Think and act in research designs! You will learn how to approach your management challenges based on evidence and how to get a systematic overview of HR measures, modes of action and outcomes. Datafication in the workplace – or: how employee data is (can be) collected, analyzed and used.


Module 4 – Rethinking leadership (3 days)

The aim of this module is to understand the importance of management innovation for corporate and cultural transformation processes. What are the implications for leadership development? We also examine why companies are increasingly using network-like forms of collaboration and fluid organizational structures, and what impact this development is having on HR work. In addition, you will know what is meant by coaching and you will be able to differentiate coaching from other forms of consulting. You will also be able to conduct coaching discussions.



Module 1 – positive leadership: 15.-17. February 2024, Appenzell
Module 2 - Strategic Positioning : 21.-23. March 2024, Zurich
Module 3 – Effective People Analytics: May 22nd to 25th, 2024, Lucerne
Module 4 – Rethinking leadership: June 27th to 29th, 2024, St.Gallen

As an HR manager, we enable you to make a strategic and goal-oriented contribution to the company's success and organizational development: For example, by focusing on the company's employee-based core competencies and learning to analyze, evaluate and adapt HR-strategic instruments. Together with our proven experts, you will develop solutions that are tailored to your company and your management challenges.

Last but not least, this CAS offers you an exclusive opportunity to exchange ideas and network with experienced decision-makers from other companies.

The CAS HSG Strategic Personnel Management focuses on effective and sustainable empowerment of senior executives. They gain new perspectives and get to know and use effective instruments and practices. The CAS is aimed at top and senior-level executives in strategic HR management, but also in the areas of “health management”, “personnel and executive development”, “organizational transformation and change management” and “people analytics” (this list is not exhaustive).

Seminar lead

Prof. Dr. Antoinette Weibel is one of the world's leading trust and organization researchers. She is professor for human resources management at the University of St. Gallen, director of the Institute for Work and Employment Research (FAA-HSG), member of the executive committee in numerous associations as well as speaker, coach and sparring partner for top management and C-Suites.

Your lecturers and speakers

Dr. Daniel Bartl, Lecturer at the University of St.Gallen and Head of Leadership & Corporate Culture at Helvetia Insurance

Dr. Tobias Flinspach, Lecturer in Management at the Institute for Accounting, Controlling and Auditing at the University of St.Gallen (ACA-HSG)

Randolf Jessl, Owner of the leadership and communication consultancy Auctority

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kernbach, Lecturer, project manager and visual coach at the University of St. Gallen at the Institute for Media and Communication Management

Dr. Nadine Meidert, Freelance process facilitator and trainer in the areas of research, science and teaching; she is also a partner at Kommune Zukunft in the areas of studies and moderation and is a trained systemic coach, process facilitator and Applied Improv Facilitator (trained as a coach according to ECA guidelines).

Dr. Christoph Meister, Managing Director BGW Management Advisory Group, St. Gallen

Ass. Prof. Dr. Simon Schafheitle, Assistant Professor of HRM & AI, University of Twente

Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Thommen, Full Professor of Business Administration at the European Business School in Germany and Adjunct Professor at the University of Zurich

In addition, in each module, practical speakers ensure a variety of topics and different perspectives.

Dr. Eva Bilhuber Galli, Founder Human Facts AG, your partner for multi-stakeholder engagement in organization-wide transformation and change projects

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Further information

In our brochure you can find out more about our executive education programme as well as our lecturers and speakers. You are not sure whether the CAS HSG Strategic Human Resource Management is the right executive education programme for you? In our online information events we present the programme in detail and answer your specific questions. We would also be happy to advise you personally in an individual online consultation. Our seminar coordinator, Beate Schönsee (, +41 71 224 28 77) looks forward to hearing from you.

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“Von diesem CAS konnte ich persönlich und fachlich stark profitieren. Die Referierenden sind in ihren Themen kompetent und verfügen über beste didaktische Eigenschaften. Mir macht es Spass, dieses evidenzbasierte Wissen im Unternehmen einzubringen.”
Benno Rüttimann
“Der CAS vermittelt Top-Themen: Leadership, HR Analytics, positives HRM! Ich habe viele Stimuli erhalten für Veränderungen in meiner HR Organisation. Positiv hervorzuheben sind die erfahrenen Referierenden sowie die jederzeit aktuellen Modulthemen.”
Peter Geiger
“Mir hat dieser CAS viele Inspirationen, Einblicke und Ausblicke gegeben, welche ich im Rahmen einer neuen Position einsetzen kann. Der CAS war für uns Teilnehmende so spannend und angenehm. Ich kann diesen nur weiterempfehlen.”
Karin Hunziker
“Der CAS verbindet wissenschaftliche Forschungserkenntnisse und praxisbezogene Elemente anschaulich, adressatengerecht und anwendungsorientiert. Sehr wertvoll ist der Austausch mit den Teilnehmenden aus anderen Branchen. Die Organisation ist ausgezeichnet.”
Miguel Loraux
“Der CAS hat mir neue Impulse für die Ausgestaltung eines modernen Personalmanage-ments geliefert. Es sind topaktuelle Themen, die in vier Modulen beleuchtet werden. Auch war der Austausch innerhalb der Gruppe für mich sehr wertvoll.”
Aleksandra Michalke